Meet Jo


Hi! I'm Jo

Yoga for me is stepping on my mat and finding that place within yourself where you feel centred and calm. Letting go, free of worries and fears. 

My own practice is constantly evolving, teaching me new things both on and off the mat. Inspired by Vinyasa yoga or Flow, I enjoy creative flowing sequences that harmonise breath and movement as well as deepening awareness in body and mind. 

Why do I love yoga so much? I believe that yoga can be for anyone and everybody, providing a tool-box of techniques that can  just help us to feel better in our daily life.

Whether you just want to relieve stress or anxiety, get fitter, stronger or more flexible, yoga practices can benefit everyone. I strive to help students feel welcome at class and to create a friendly, safe and supportive environment in which to deepen your own awareness and yoga journey. Classes are a happy and playful exploration to leave you feeling healthier, refreshed, energised and centred.

Often the hardest part of yoga is getting on your mat, after that the rest is just practice.